About Us

About Sugar Free Shack

Who knew that sugar free could taste so sweet?! The sugar free shack was founded with the belief that cakes and pastries can still taste great without using refined sugars (cane sugar). The idea was to create a bakery that caters to baby boomers who got a little older (where did the time go?) and now have to watch their food and sugar intake, as well as to the health-conscious adult searching for healthy sugar alternatives.

The Sugar Free Shack's goal is to provide healthier dessert options that are not only sugar free, but also use high quality "super food" ingredients. If our sweets can taste great, while also providing the health benefits of various super foods, we consider it a job well done.

Our Sugar Substitute

The Sugar Free Shack uses a 100% natural, no chemical, sweetener that is safe for diabetics, and does not significantly impact blood sugar levels. The sweetener is lower in calories and glycemic index but has the same great taste as traditional sugar.


The Owners

The Sugar Free Shack is a combined effort between the talents and vision of Jeasy Monroy and her business partner Judd Matsunaga.

Jeasy is a life-long artist who took her unique eye for structure and aesthetic and focused that talented into the baking world. She started baking as a hobby in 2011 when her daughter was born, and the rest of the story has been a meteoric shot to owning her own brick-and-mortar location. Jeasy started with an online business called Cute Yummy Cakes, where she built a loyal customer base through social media and the internet.

Judd is an attorney and real estate broker by profession, who noticed the lack of sugar-free sweets options in the Los Angeles area. Most bakeries ignore sugar free, and those that do not, have a small section, banished to the corner of their display cases. Jeasy and Judd's vision was to take sugar free out of the darkness and give it a tasty makeover.

For those people with a sweet tooth in the SoCal area, the Sugar Free Shack is your new home for tasty, guilt free treats. And don’t worry, if you aren’t a fan of sugar free, we won’t turn you away. We also bake many of our menu items with regular sugar options. So come in and give us a try!